It is that time of the year;
When Nature goes back to sleep;
When the sky freezes into a gray crispness;
And the velvet of snow blankets the earth.
You shiver in the air's frigid embrace;
And the cold sinks in deep;
Unearthly light glows from decrepit cottages;
Anonymous hopes are burning in the hearths.
The wolves are howling in the woods;
And at dusk the darkness does creep;
The silence builds up, like the icy crystals;
On the walls of some ancient caves.
But a more mystical Winter has taken birth;
The melancholy of life chokes me more;
Than Winter's frozen breath ever could.
In Winter's seclusion I find my solace;
And in the knowledge that I never would;
Escape from the Winter in my heart.
No, even a thousand Suns would be powerless;
Because I have seen Life for what it is;
And there is nothing I could want more;
Than to escape the sheer tragedy that is existence!
And in Winter's arms I have my chance;
To finally live in a world of my own;
A world so beautiful! and wholly mine!
Where Winter reigns in body and soul;
And Magic pervades into every cell;
In every breath; in every heartbeat!
Just take me to that place;
Take me there where Winter reigns!
Where even a thousand Suns are powerless,
To thaw the ice; both temporal and spiritual;
And where the waterfalls are frozen in time.
Take me there where Winter reigns;
And its Magic pervades every heart...

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